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Mario Barrios Garrido | Pastry Chef

mario BGBorn in Mexico (1982), country of great gastronomic tradition, endowed Mario of curiosity and culinary creativity. As a child their beloved and admired grandmothers introduced him to the gastronomy and awakened his love for it, as well his interest for the ingredients and respect for the taste.Talk about him is to consider cooking as an art that involves venturing. His risky style derived from his preference for desserts not very sweet, but fresh and light. He like to play with the parameters and borders mostly used in cuisine.

For Mario, coincidences doesn’t exist because for him, everything has a reason for being and its the result off the effort and dedication. As happened to decide to undertake empirical culinary training, not knowing that this will become his vocation, inspired by emerging chefs, like: Enrique Olvera, Jorge Vallejo and Eduardo Guzmán, during his journey by the Condesa DF Hotel. Moved by his desire to learn, accepts a proposal as a cook at the Canary Islands, Spain. In 2009 he moved to the Netherlands. Working for several restaurants with Michelin award allowed him to discover another gastronomic level. This led him to Barcelona, Spain, where he learn the bases of Pastry Arts in culinary schools like EPGB and Espai Sucre, which defined his formation and style.

Back in the Netherlands, start with an internship at De Librije *** from Jonnie Boer, in Zwolle, discovering a more pure kitchen and higher respect for the product. The use of fermentations induced his curiosity, motivating him to pursue internship in Sweden as part of Frantzen & Lindenberg, today Frantzen ***, from Bjørn Frantzen. Here, got fascinated by the use of nontraditional ingredients that contributes an important element in the dish playing with the sensations and the flavor of what is known. Finishing with an internship at Vendôme *** from Chef Joachim Wissler, in Germany.

In 2014, incorporate his knowledge in a new project as Chef Patissier of the restaurant Librije Zusje Amsterdam ** under the tutelage of Sidney Schutte and Jonnie Boer, where just seven months of its opening was awarded with two Michelin stars. After three years at Librije Zusje Amsterdam, decides to create Taste (E) Studio: project founded on the need to offer something different culinary industry . As for Mario main motivation is: dignify the concept of taste, transgress conventional culinary boundaries and reconcile innovation with tradition.